Bella Vista

Bella Vista has two shopping centres and a major hotel. It is rapidly becoming the main business centre within the Hills District. The biggest commercial area is the Norwest Business Park on Norwest Boulevard to the east. Norwest Business Park incorporates retail, commercial, industrial and hotel developments. SCIP.COM.AU lists the industrial areas in West Bella Vista which are becoming heavily developed, with many new warehouse office buildings

In 2006, Woolworths Limited, joined all of its sub-management offices into a $200 million complex in Norwest Business Park in Bella Vista. The move meant Bella Vista was listed in Fortune’s Global 500 list as one of the suburbs (Bella Vista is a suburb of Sydney) where Global 500 companies have their headquarters, ranked above Singapore, Miami and Baltimore and alongside Bangkok and Boston.

Other large scale corporations with corporate headquarters in the Norwest Business Park include Homeart, ResMed and AAMI Insurance and the Reserve Bank of Australia.

A major factor in the recent growth of Bella Vista has been its prime location near the end of the Sydney M2 motorway. The motorway (opened in 1997) means that in very good traffic conditions takes just over half an hour to get from Bella Vista to the CBD. This also puts Bella Vista close to the M7 motorway and the Cumberland Highway

Sky City is a major development in Bella Vista, visible from the Old Windsor Road route

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