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Meadowbank is a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Meadowbank is located 15 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the City of Ryde and part of the Northern Suburbs area.

Meadowbank is a mixed commercial-residential area. Meadowbank features a small group of shops on either side of Meadowbank railway station and a shopping centre within the residential apartment complex to the south

Recognising the gradual decline of the Employment Area.s traditional industrial base, Ryde City Council commissioned the Master Plan project in June 1997 to define a coordinated vision for the area, enabling it to realise its full potential in a climate of change and uncertainty.

The Master Plan establishes the framework to guide future land use and redevelopment over a twenty year period. In particular, it seeks to increase the viability of the Employment Area by broadening its traditional industrial character to include a vibrant mix of traditional and high tech industry, commercial, housing, retail and recreation activities. Emphasis is placed on the area.s strategic road, rail and ferry transport links, its central location within Sydney.s emerging corridor of activity associated with residential expansion.

The Meadowbank Employment Area forms the southern gateway to the City of Ryde, fronting the Parramatta River half way between the Sydney and Parramatta BDs. The Employment Area’s gateway role is both physical and symbolic. The Employment Area is located immediately north of the high profile Homebush Bay Olympics site and Rhodes Peninsula redevelopment area, which are located on the

Parramatta River’s southern foreshore.

The site is framed by the City’s two major southern transport links: the Main Northern railway line to the west and the Church Street-Ryde Bridge Road corridor to the east.


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